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Seventeen Shades of Love

A Droplet of Love in the Autumn Rain

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Biologist Svetlana, who is happily married, came up with an idea that would change the world for the better. However, she does not know that the project has been transformed into something completely different. She has no idea that her husband Kirill is also playing a role in the game against her. Will their love survive?
Readers who are moved by a combination of drama and romance will find this book interesting.


"Reminds me a bit of O. Henry whose stories I love."


"These short stories ring true to life, some are sad, happy, abrupt - but all leave you with a feeling of wonder at what life may bring."


"Very lovely love stories, easy to read with touch of humor. Book is filled with great colorful art work that emphasizes subtle sensuality. Much joy to read and look!"


"Lovely small stories from the life of ordinary people with unexpected turns and tricks of fate and beautiful illustrations to them"

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